Deutsch Interaktiv - Exercises

Exercise 2.2.5

Wortakzent (P)Example sentences
achten 1. to respect, 2. to mind
betonen to stress
haben* to have   (hat, hatte, hat gehabt)
tragen* 1. to carry, 2. to take something somewhere, 3. to wear, 4. to bear   (trägt, trug, hat getragen)
wiederholen 1. to repeat, 2. to revise
der Wortakzent, -e word accent
die Silbe, -n syllable
genau exact
jung young
stark strong
allein 1. alone, 2. lonely, 3. on its own
beide both
dabei even though
keine no
mehrere several
Lesson 2 Exercise 2.2.5 Exercise

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