Deutsch Interaktiv - Exercises

Exercise 21.2.1

Tiere und ihre Sprache (W)
blöken to bleat
brüllen 1. to shout, 2. to roar
gackern to cackle
grunzen to grunt
heulen 1. to cry, to blub, 2. to howl
miauen to meow
muhen to moo
summen 1. to buzz, 2. to hum, 3. to drone, 4. to bumble, 5. to bombinate
wiehern to neigh
zwitschern to twitter
der Wolf, -"e wolf
die Fliege, -n 1. fly, 2. bow tie
das Schaf, -e sheep
Lesson 21 Exercise 21.2.1 Exercise

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