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Exercise 18.5.2

Geld wechseln mit Hindernissen (H)Example sentences
bedienen 1. to wait, 2. to operate, 3. to attend to, 4. to have had enough
behindern to interfere, to obstruct
besiedeln 1. to colonize, 2. to settle, 3. to populate
deuten to indicate, to interpret
erstaunen (hat/ist) 1. to amaze, 2. to astonish, 3. to astound
hindern to prevent
(sich) vergehen* (ist) to pass; to commit a criminal offence   (vergeht, verging, ist vergangen)
der/die Bankangestellte, -n 1. banker, 2. bank assistant, 3. bank clerk   (Adj. Dekl.)
der Riss, -e tear
die Börse, -n stock market
die Geldbörse, -n 1. purse, 2. wallet
die Weile while
das Hindernis, -se obstacle
abgezählt 1. counted, 2. numbered
besiedelt populated
eindeutig clear
erstaunt surprised
quitt even, quits
daraufhin as a result
jederzeit any time
Lesson 18 Exercise 18.5.2 Exercise

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